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Janet Palumbo
David Clark Little
(215) 953-0352
Thirty-three years experience teaching. All ages, reasonable rates, beginners to advanced Harpsichord, organ, and piano.
Rebecca Cypess
Doug Wilson
(703) 728-0109
Baroque trumpet
Timothy Urban
(732) 951-2133
Coaches medieval and renaissance music ensembles, instrumental and vocal Baritone, recorder, renaissance winds, hurdy-gurdy, sackbut
Sue Parisi
(908) 336-0411
Coaches recorder ensembles Recorder, organ, and piano
Jane McKinley
(609) 466-8537
Recorders (all sizes), Renaissance winds, Baroque oboe, oboe d'amore, oboe da caccia, and classical oboe
Donna Messer
(732) 828-7421
Recorders and SATB in both renaissance and baroque
Joan Kimball
(215) 763-0477
Early double reeds, recorders, children and adults
Israel "Buzz" Herman
(609) 273-6869
Recorders, cornetto, and natural trumpet
Michelle Cosgrove
(215) 258-3941
Coach for baroque chamber ensembles Baroque and modern flute
Louisa Valentín
(973) 943-2124
Lyric Soprano, recorders, and flute
Deborah Booth
(212) 864-6490
Recorders and flute
Rachel Begley
(631) 473-3287
Recorders, baroque bassoon (A440, A415, A466 -- many sizes and styles of recorders, all musical styles)
Lewis R. Baratz
Recorder (renaissance and baroque, A392, A415, 440, 466, voice flute, 6th flute), capped reeds, harpsichord, virginal, fortepiano, and square piano Teaches students of all levels, young adult through mature adult
Matthew Weinman
(732) 564-5478
Lute and theorbo
John Orluk Lacombe
Renaissance lute
Robert Butts
(973) 625-0459
Teaches music history at Drew University and Montclair State University Recorder and lute
Nancy Wilson
(609) 883-1223
Baroque violin
Lisa Terry
(718) 457-7892
All sizes of violas da gamba and early cello, all ages, all consort levels, all levels of private instruction Baroque cello, treble, tenor, and bass viola da gamba
Niccolo Seligmann
(804) 592-9457
Viola da gambas, medieval strings, music theory, historical improvisation; amateurs & professionals of all ages, including ensemble coaching. Particular experience with students with physical disabilities (including but not limited to arthritis, hip/knee pain, hand tremors, etc.) Viola da gamba (all sizes), violone, lirone, vielles, rebec, medieval nyckelharpa, gittern, percussion (including medieval triangle)
David Miller
(609) 883-1223
Baroque and classical viola
Phoebe E. Larkey
(973) 669-2542
Recorders, adult and consort coaching, violas da gamba, adult beginners
Judith Klotz
(609) 393-3762
Viola da gamba and recorders
Nancy G. Kennard
(609) 235-5065
Viola da gamba and recorders
Elizabeth Horn
(609) 466-1843
Recorders, tenor & bass violas da gamba, crumhorns, percussion, voice (soprano and alto)
Patricia Hlafter
(609) 924-7358
Treble and tenor violas da gamba, vielle, SATB recorders, and crumhorns
Donna Fournier
(610) 789-6635
Baroque cello, treble, tenor, and bass viola da gamba
Dr. Ted Conner
(610) 437-3096
Coach for all levels of early music ensembles Treble, tenor, and bass viola da gamba
Theodore G. Cheek
(215) 837-4830
Treble/Bass viola da gamba; countertenor, tenor, and bass voice
Mary Benton
Violas da gamba, vielle, harp, and recorder
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