Riverview Early Music
Riverview Early Music is a brand new ensemble designed to feature the unique sounds of early plucked string instruments including lute, theorbo, cittern, baroque guitar, and more. The sound of early plucked strings is interesting and enjoyed by audiences but many groups and their directors aren't familiar with repertory that is specifically intended for plucked strings or how to incorporate plucked strings in into music that doesn't have specific plucked string parts. So, unfortunately, there's a large body of music that is rarely performed, and when plucked strings are incorporated into ensembles, they are rarely heard. The goal of Riverview Early Music is to bring plucked string players together with singers and other instrumentalists to collaborate, explore, and most importantly, create more opportunities for audiences to hear and enjoy the sound of early plucked string instruments.  

Riverview Early Music's current projects include using lute, cittern, and renaissance guitar (or gittern) with a tenor, viola da gamba, and recorder to performing English song and dance from the Renaissance and also working with the lute/voice duo BEDLAM to workshop the music of composer and poet, Thomas Campion with singers and lutenists.

<June 2017>

**Denotes member of the Guild for Early Music

Meadows Foundation Colonial Day 2006 Kortholts Harpsichordist Janet Palumbo
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